Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mark Macarro Corrupt

For the new readers and the news media who come to this site: Chairman Mark Macarro has crossed over from being a valued spokesman for Indian Gaming, the face of Prop. 5 and 1A, into the realm of corrupt politician. He once claimed to the press that he was there to do the will of the people. He has not followed the will of the people and, in fact has corrupted that will. Now, he has refused to carry out the will of the people and is actively acting against their will by continuing disenrollment of families. Corrupt Mark Macarro has shamed the position of Tribal Chairman and sullied the good name of Pechanga. Mark is definitely CORRUPT. He led the tribe to give $4 milliion to Cruz Bustamante, illegally it turned out, in CB's campaign for governor. He is more concerned about the bones of the dead, rather than the tribal members a splinter group has ousted from their rightful place in Pechanga society. Mark Macarro is CORRUPT because has led the Council to rule AGAINST the will of the Tribe. In July 2005, The Tribe voted in overwhelming numbers to stop ALL disenrollment. Mark Macarro corrupt leader has led the Tribal Council, which includes one WHITE MAN with no Indian blood (Russell "Butch" Murphy)to disenroll a family of true Pechanga blood. Murphy has acted against the band many times and has tried to cheat Pechanga members since the 70's. Murphy's cohorts in that theft included members of the Enrollment committee, who refuse to follow the guidelines for enrollment, mandated by the tribe. In closed session, without informing the Band, Mark Macarro CORRUPT spokesman has authorized the Enrollment Committee to continue proceedings against the Hunter family, descendents of Original Temecula Pechanga Person, Paulina Hunter. This happened almost 2 years TO THE DAY that they disenrolled the ancestors of the chief of Pechangas, Pablo Apis. Paulina Hunter is an allottee, whose lineage was proven by the Pechanga Band's own hired investigator, one of the most respected archaeologists in California. Hunter's lineage was ALSO proven in 1915 by Tribal members in sworn depositions before the United States Government by Pechanga Tribal members who needed translators. These depositions were taken before some members of the Masiel/Basquez family "appeared" on Pechanga census rolls in the 40's. Only Mark Macarro CORRUPT leader of the band would let this continue. For what reasons, you news media should look into. Is it personal? Does he want Hunter land? Does he think he has a chance to get it? Is it something he wants his Washington lobbyist wife to have? Mark Macarro, CORRUPT Tribal Spokesman, has chosen NOT to do the right thing and follow the will of the people. Mark Macarro, CORRUPT is the right word for you. STEP DOWN from your position, wipe the stain of corruption from the Tribe. Mark Macarro Corrupt.... can't say one without the other and that's a disgrace to his father's good name. Mark Macarro has also authorized the payment for legal defense for those "members who caused irreparable harm to the Manuela Miranda descendents. This is outside the scope of their authority. Those members acted outside of tribal business, for their own gain. Please, all who view this, click on this post often, so that the page views will bring up CORRUPT when Mark Macarro is searched for on Google. Also, when you do a GOOGLE SEARCH put in MARK MACARRO CORRUPT


White Buffalo said...

When I was still a member of Pechanga I felt that M was not a man of the people because on many occasion when I would attempt to communicate with him he was never available. It is the money that blinds the people as well as paralyzes them when it come to seeking and doing the right thing. Our government is not interested in the protection of it's citizens unless there is some form of payment for services rendered. When Pechanga was nothing but an old tribal hall with a baseball field of sand no one knew who we were or who our ancestors were. M was right when he said that for ten thousand years we were a proud people but unfortunately for M the future will not include those of worship the casino and not the great Father. My lineage comes from Chile Pablo Apis who guided the tribe, but the thing M does not understand is that those who see Pechanga now only see the corruption that wealth has brought the tribe and that is not what it mean to be a proud people as that commercial suggests We will always be Indians from the Temecula Vally and we accepted the name Pechanga as our own and will always be so even if we are told that we are not . M I am a patient man and my family will walk on that land as they once did.

O Pechanga said...

Chief Pablo Apis was the man who buried the Pechanga Dead on his land, where the casino is now.
The Pechanga Tribal Council has destroyed more Indians than Pablo Apis buried in 1845 (was that before the casino?)
Hunters have been there for over 120 years. When there was nothing, but FAMILY, including chairman Macarro's own, who called Paulina Hunter "aunt". Mark Macarro has been corrupted by power and money.

O Pechanga said...

Rights Protest at Pechanga

"No Rights, No Compact!"

Saturday, February 2, 2008 @ 10 am

Pechanga Resort & Casino

Temecula, CA

Pechanga tribal officials have signed a compact with the State of California that would authorize the largest expansion of casino gambling in U.S. history.

Yet Pechanga tribal officials have tried continuously to keep California voters from exercising their Constitutional right to participate in the referendum process. First, they tried to block voters from signing petitions. This failed as nearly 3 million signatures were gathered to put the deals on the ballot. Next, Pechanga filed a lawsuit to keep the Prop 94 from going to the voters- this also failed.

Why are Pechanga officials so eager to deny California voters their right to decide this issue when it was California voters who approved gaming on Indian lands in the first place? Could it be that the Pechanga officials know that its "sweetheart deals" may not hold up to voter scrutiny?

No Rights, No Compact!

It should come as no surprise that a tribe that has denied its own members basic rights guaranteed by tribal laws and the Constitution would work so hard and spend so much money to deny other Californians their rights as well. Should you really expect Pechanga officials to value and respect the rights of others when they have not done the same for their own citizens?

Due process and equal protection of the law are hard to come by at Pechanga. Throw in blatant disregard for the Constitution and lack of protection of basic rights, and you will begin to understand why nearly 300 Pechanga members have been stripped of their citizenship- and many hundreds more denied membership- since California voters approved tribal gaming and Pechanga became one of the wealthiest tribes in the State.

Please join us on February 2nd to protest the rights violations committed by Pechanga tribal officials, and please vote No on Prop 94.


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